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Thinking of building a Custom Home?

As a custom home builder with over 30 years experience, we offer the home custom home exterior jpg 4kbbuilding expertise you’re looking for. Building the home of your dreams can be a very rewarding experience, especially as you watch the home’s construction process from week to week. It also means investing a great deal of time, energy, and money into this project to insure that your home is built just the way you want it.

One of the first decisions you have to make is choosing the right home construction contractor. Not just any contractor will do. It’s very important that the contractor has the experience building the size and style home that will fulfill your dreams. We are dedicated to working with you every step of the way. We strive to not only build a home that reflects your individuality, but to create an experience that reflects our superior level of construction experience, service and communication.  Contact us for a prompt no obligation quote on your custom home building project.

Nine Important questions to ask your custom home builder

  1. Have you built this size home before?
    This is a great question! Home builders that specialize in building larger homes may be overpriced if your designs call for a smaller custom home. On the other hand if you have a builder that only builds smaller homes, they may be over their head with a larger home which will mean headaches for you down the road. I am happy to state that we have had experience building many different sizes of custom homes. We can build the size house to fit your needs, whether it’s a basic 2 or 3 bedroom home or a custom home with 5 or 6 bedrooms.
  2. What are your company’s strong points as a Custom Home Builder?
    Because we are a smaller size home builder, our customers benefit in several ways:
    1. On the job you are dealing with me and not an employee or sub-contractor. I am with you throughout every step in the home building process to insure that your goals are met on time and on budget.
    2. Being a smaller company means we are on the job as you hired us to be not running around to a dozen other projects and trying to keep them all straight.
    3. We know that the biggest problem between homeowners and builders is poor communication. Our customers have told us that they feel more comfortable working with us because we take the time to listen to what they are saying and act accordingly. Our strongest point is our ability to maintain outstanding communication between homeowners and our sub-contractors which makes a strong well-run team all working towards the same goal – a quality custom home.
  3. At what stage in the home building process should we contact you?
    The earlier the better! In building a custom home, there are literally thousands of decisions which will have an affect on the successful completion of your home’s construction. If I can get into the earlier planning stages with you, I can get a better feel of what is important to you and what your wants and needs are. The earlier we can get together, the better we’ll be able to make decisions throughout the home's construction process.
  4. Do you work with an architect?
    Although we do not have an architect on staff, we do work closely with and can recommend several fully qualified architects who are thoroughly familiar with local building codes. In addition, if you are already working with an architect, we will be happy to work with the architect of your choice.
  5. Do you have your own home construction crew?
    No we do not have our own construction crew on the payroll. Some larger construction companies have construction crews that are often forced to “multi-task”. Working with Black Diamond means that the person who was sweeping out the garage in the morning will not be installing your kitchen sink at the end of the day. We hire only fully licensed, bonded and insured professional sub-contractors for each specific type of construction requirement. We have been working with most of our sub-contractors for at least 10 years.
  6. Can you look at the property we are thinking of buying for our new home?
    Yes we love to be in the beginning stages of the home construction project and can help decide if the lot you are looking at is right for the home you want to build. Additionally, we can help to make sure all the correct engineering is completed before you buy.
  7. Can you help us with home decorating ideas – both interior and exterior?
    Yes we can highly recommend a whole house designer, who is very reasonably priced and will help with every one of the thousand decisions to be made, from the color of the exterior, to which pull on the cabinets to pick. This in the long run is worth every penny.
  8. What makes you different from other home construction companies?
    Other than what is listed above, we love our work which is reflected in the way that we approach the home building process. We enjoy meeting and working with people. And our goal is always to do the very best to meet or exceed our customers expectations.
  9. Do you have any references we can call?
    Yes we always try to give references that are equal to the job that is at hand.

Contact us for a prompt no obligation quote on your custom home building project.

We look forward to the opportunity to build your custom home and are confident that you will join our list of satisfied customers.

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