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General Contractor Services

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  • Construction Management
  • Our concept of construction management centers around the introduction of a Black Diamond Properties, Limited construction manager who acts as the owner’s agent and manager of the entire building process. At Black Diamond Properties, Limited, the construction manager is similar to a "master builder" of ancient times, whose responsibilities spanned both the design and construction phases of the building process. If it is determined that construction management will be the most effective delivery method, the construction manager assists the owner in arranging for and coordinating efforts with the architects, engineers and consultants used in the project. This ensures efforts are coordinated and not duplicated right from the very start of the design process to final delivery. Overall, there are three benefits to using the construction management approach:
  • It brings a general contractor’s knowledge to the architect early in the design phase.
  • It puts the system which controls men, money and materials to work directly for the owner’s interests.
  • It allows design and construction to proceed concurrently, saving time and therefore, money.
  • Design / Build Services
  • At Black Diamond Properties, Limited, the design/build approach simply means consolidating the architectural design and construction services, making both phases the responsibility of one single provider. Black Diamond Properties, Limited selects a qualified team of architects, engineers and key subcontractors that best fit our clients’ goals and objectives for budget, schedule and quality. In many cases, the design/build process provides the simplest and most economical method of project completion and has the added benefit of single source accountability.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Selected for projects based on our qualifications and reputation, Black Diamond Properties, Limited is often asked to provide clients with a Guaranteed Maximum Price, or GMP. Well known in the industry for our cost estimating and management capabilities, Black Diamond Properties, Limited confidently takes the risk of establishing a maximum price and performing the work without exceeding that number. Clients have the added advantage of knowing fairly early in the design process what their project will cost. Black Diamond Properties, Limited performs this service under an open book policy and returns 100% of savings below the GMP to the Owner.
  • Traditional General Contractor Services
  • At a time when many contractors are merely brokers of construction services, Black Diamond Properties, Limited cultivates an equal mix of design/build, construction management, GMP and traditional general construction work. This approach enables Black Diamond Properties, Limited to maintain its competitiveness and versatility while staying current with the latest in construction technology. While few building companies have retained the true "hands-on" expertise, Black Diamond Properties, Limited maintains a large staff of professional field superintendents and still performs many of the trades with its own forces. This in-house expertise makes our input extremely valuable to clients using non-traditional delivery methods.
  • Construction Team Partnerships
  • The partnering process is not a new way of doing business – Black Diamond Properties, Limited has always operated in this manner. In 1963, when Rudy F. DeSort (Senior) started as a general contractor, business was done on a handshake and a person’s word was their bond of responsibility. We feel the same way today. Partnering is not a contract, but recognition that every contract includes an implied covenant of good faith. We believe strongly that a successful project starts with a partnership between Black Diamond Properties, Limited and our clients, and includes all members of the team: architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.
Black Diamond Properties, Ltd.
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